2011 – the head of our company Natalia Borisovna Petrova and key specialists (Kaner V.F. and Denisova L.L.) are awarded by Rospatent for large contribution into development of legal protection in the Russian Federation.

2012 – contract work with the Government of Saint-Petersburg according to the Program of support for small and medium businesses in Saint-Petersburg “Open Sky”. In terms of this work, we consulted multiple small and medium businesses on various aspects of intellectual property; we carried out a series of seminars and held a scientific conference on the subject. We also published a methodological guidebook on intellectual property with the circulation 4000 copies.

In 2010-2012 multiple seminars on various aspects of intellectual property were read in terms of cooperation with the Agency of Economic Development of Leningrad area and also the digest related to intellectual property legal protection and management was published in 2011.

Since 2010 our company participates on annual basis in Saint-Petersburg international innovation forum and in exhibition Russian Manufacturer. In terms of the Innovation forum, we organize various events devoted to intellectual property matters, also, since 2011, the discussion board on regional strategies in the field of intellectual property.

In 2012, we successfully carried out the Forum on the intellectual property in Bashkir Republic in cooperation with the republican innovation center and the republican academy of sciences.