The history of the Company


The Patent-law firm “NEVA-PATENT” was established in Saint Petersburg in 1995 by Tatiana Danilovna Petrova, a Patent Attorney.


At the moment we are among the leaders in Saint Petersburg in the field of revealing, legal protection and managing intellectual activity results.  

Our practical experience allows solving most sophisticated problems of our clients.  

After all those years in business we have well-trained and skilled team of professionals that comprises patent attorneys, patent specialists, lawyers, economists, intellectual property estimators.

Today “Neva-Patent” is not only the employees in our offices, but it is also a large team of professionals from Russia and abroad that we hired for cooperation and to implement various projects. This is also a powerful pool of our partners in various directions of innovative and legal activities.


We generate and implement multiple projects both in terms of our company and in terms of other our structures, such as “INNOPARK”, the center for intellectual property and innovations, the Intellectual Property Development Foundation, the Academy of intellectual property and creative work, the Intellectual property association.  

During all those years in business multiple businesses, entities and offices became our clients. We got experience of cooperation with companies and structures of all types represented at the market. Those are state institutions (Government of the Russian Federation and various regional powers in Russia), ministries, custom offices, law enforcement entities, development institutes and clusters of institutes, business incubators, universities, research institutes, large, medium and small businesses. And of course, those are our great authors, inventors acting on behalf of small businesses or as individuals.  


Throughout all those years we have been frequently asked who are our clients. We would be proud to list many known brand names, but we do not do it. One key principle of our work is to keep any information obtained from our clients confidential. This also includes the names of their companies.


Still we may assure the geography of our work now covers the entire World. We have stable cooperation links with multiple patent attorney companies in other countries. This allows us protecting intellectual property of our clients on international markets.

In addition our main activity in the field of revealing, legal protection, management of intellectual property, “Neva-Patent” actively promotes legal knowledge related to intellectual property in Saint Petersburg and other regions of Russia. On regular basis, the company carries out master classes, seminars, trainings and discussions on various aspects of intellectual property.


The office of our company has a room for carrying out seminars on intellectual property issues.