Here is our principles of work


Supreme professionalism

The employees in “Neva Patent” are patent attorneys with long experience of successful work, patent experts, professionals specializing in valuation of non-material assets of an enterprise, lawyers specializing in intellectual property litigation and licensing.

The company successfully combines dynamism of youth with professional experience.


Individual approach to every client

We always do the best to offer optimal ways to solve one or another problem, acting in the best interests of our client to save his time and money.


Fulfilling the obligations taken strictly

We respect our clients and value their time, thus we always and in timely manner fulfill the contract obligations undertaken.



Any information (documents, drawings, sketches etc.) that may be provided by our client shall not be disclosed for any third party or publicly.



To the full extend do we understand our responsibility for decisions made by our clients, so we advise only what we are absolutely confident about, based on many years of our practical experience.