International Day of Intellectual Property


Dear friends!

Today, April 26 is the International Day of Intellectual Property.
I congratulate all of you!

The motto of this year is “Innovation – improving the quality of life.”
Humanity develops and each of us develops with it.
It was so, so it is and always will be.

I sincerely believe that very soon many of the Russian inventors will understand the nature and meaning of securing the rights to the potentially protective results of intellectual activity that they created.
And the fact that the legal culture and legal literacy in this field of knowledge will improve for the better.

Strong to everyone’s health, a lot of energy, inspiration and strength for a joyful, bright and sought-after creativity in order to improve the quality of life!
Reliable partners and a lot of kind people around!

Happy Holidays!

Natalia Petrova
Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation