Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry


On the 4th of November, 2017, the open round table «Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry» was held at the International Fashion Forum (St. Petersburg, Artplay). The round table was conducted by the specialists of the patent-legal firm “NEVA-PATENT” Natalia Petrova and Alexey Petrov.

Heads of enterprises, designers, managers, representatives of fashion Internet projects, lawyers of fashion houses, teachers and students of higher education institutions, public figures took part in the event.

The round table addressed a number of issues related to various aspects of intellectual property in the fashion industry, including:

– current state of the intellectual property legislation and possibility of its improvement, in the specific context of the fashion industry;
– advanced innovative solutions in the fashion industry and their legal protection;
– commercialization of new developments;
– payment of royalties for creation of design works;
– raising of Intellectual property literacy of young people studying in art schools and children’s art centers, etc.

As a result of the round table, an outcome document was adopted: Recommendations of the round table

We thank all the organizers of the Forum for their cooperation and participants of the event for an interesting discussion on the topic of intellectual property in the fashion industry.