Aleksei Petrov

Deputy director

Contact information

7 (812) 677-63-32


Russian, English

Aleksei Petrov, lawyer,  main scope of work includes intellecual property infrigment litigation and reexamination of patents in Palate of patent disputes (Rospatent).

His practice includes different cases of intellectual property rights protection and enforcement on inventions, utility models, and industrial designs, trademarks and other IP matters, he also submits appeals on Rospatent decisions and cancelation of unused trademarks to Intellectual property court of Russian Federation.

Advises on corporate and research intellecual property managment.

He consults russian research and IT startups on venture deals, with international investement source.

He also had experience of working with russian energy companies and mobile content providers (VASP). 


Patent disputes, reexamination of patents, license agreements, company IP managment, trade secrets (Know-how).