Natalia B. Petrova

Director Genetal

Trademark and Design attrorney of Russian Federation  (registration number №827)

Contact information

7 (812) 677-63-32


Russian, English



Natalia Petrova, patent attorney of Russian Federation.


–     in creation of tactics and strategy of legal protection of results of intellectual activity of government institutions, enterprises, organizations and agencies;

–     in the field of intellectual property of various innovation contests and projects at the federal and regional level;

–     in the field of legal safeguard, management and protection of intellectual property.

Honors, academic degree:

 Patent attorney of the Russian Federation,

– Academician of the International Academy of Inventors and Authors of Discovery,

– Corresponding member of the International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Sciences.

Education and enhanced training:

– higher engineering and economic education (Kaliningrad Technical University of Fish Industry);

– higher patent education  (Central institution of advanced training of business executives and  national economy specialists in the area of patent activity);

– higher legal education (St. Petersburg General Prosecutor Institution).

Professional life:

Planning engineer in the experimental design bureau “Fakel” (Kaliningrad, 1986 – 1988), from 1990 to 1995 the representative of different foreign companies (Germany, UK, Norway, Sweden, India) in St. Petersburg and Russia.

Since 1995 the director, and since 2004 to the present day the General Director of LLC “Patent and legal firm “NEVA-PATENT;

Since 2006 to the present day the General Director of LLC “Center of intellectual property and innovations INNOPARK”;

Since 2011 to the present day the director of the “St. Petersburg Scientific and Research Center of the Republican scientific and research institute of intellectual property”;

Founder and chairman of board of the Intellectual Property Development Foundation (2011).

Public and political activity:

       – One of the promoters and sponsors of the Days of intellectual property in St. Petersburg in 2009-2011, 

       – Sponsor and organizer of events related to intellectual property under the St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum;

      – Organizer of panel “Intellectual property” at the “Seliger – 2011” Forum;

      – One of the organizers of the Summer School of the World Intellectual Property Organization (Switzerland) in Russia.

Publication: Collected volume “Intellectual property: legal safeguard, management and protection”, under the editorship of N.B. Petrova, St. Petersburg, 2011 (published jointly with the Leningrad Regional Government),


Decorations, medals and other awards:

– Badge of honor of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks “For make benefit to Russia”;

– Certificate of honor from St. Petersburg Governor;

– Silver medal of the Popov International Academy of Inventors and Authors of Discovery “For contribution to progress of inventive activity”;

–  Medals “Petersburg Personality”, “Best people of Russia” etc.