Registration in Russia

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International registration


Trademark registration in Russia via the Madrid System


To register a trademark in Russian Federation an applicant may designate this country among others when applying for an international registration through the Madrid System as Russian Federation is one of the System’s members.


The Russian Patent Office has a specific procedure of examination of applications on absolute and relative grounds. Opposition procedure is not available. The Office examines international registrations on absolute and relative grounds. A provisional refusal can be issued by the Office up to 12 months. Partial provisional refusals (i.e., refusal of some of the goods and services in the international registration) can be issued. To respond to a r\provisional refusal applicants should appoint a local representative.  


In case of receiving of a provisional refusal by the Russian Patent Office our patent attorneys can help to overcome it by filing the response to the National Patent Office (RU PTO).

Our attorney fee for filling such a response is from 250 Euro not including bank and post expenses. No official fee is required.


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