We turn 24 in 2019. It is a long period for a private business in Russia.

After all those years, the company grew up, developed and transferred into a serious business.

As for the question about our team, we for sure may say there are many of us.

Those are patent attorneys, patent specialists, professionals in the field of intellectual property, lawyers, valuators of intellectual property, economists, bookkeepers, court experts etc.

Those are not only professionals from Patent-law firm “NEVA-PATENT” you see daily in our offices and on our website, but also a large number of skilled professionals working for us remotely.

We built our business in such a way, that we create working groups of the best professionals in their field, both in our city and in our country, to implement large IP projects.

We became flexible enough to fit particular tasks and fulfill particular demands of our clients. 

Year after year, we select the best of the best for cooperation, raising the standards of our services even higher.


Our business reputation, our achievements, the projects implemented, partnerships, and also the fact that many our clients work with us since we appeared as a business, prove the supreme professionalism of our team.

It is hardly possible to show all the members of our team on our website.

Yet, we can express our gratitude to all those who, throughout those 20 years, has contributed, and continues to contribute, into developing our company and, wider, the intellectual property in Russia and Worldwide!


Thank you all!