Training at the patent-law company


“Patent-law firm “NEVA-PATENT” offers regional specialists to take the unique chance to train skills in the art in Saint Petersburg.

During the training, a specialist learns about the process of preparing application materials for various objects of industrial property, the rules for patent research, making correspondence with the Federal Institute of Industrial Property to obtain the title of legal protection, and also the specialist is consulted by highly skilled professionals, while performing practical tasks.

Professional training in the patent-law company allows diving into the process of document preparation to define the scope of challenges a patent specialist or a lawyer specializing in intellectual property face in their workflow at the very beginning.

Invited for the training are university employees, professionals in scientific, technical, patent and legal departments of businesses and institutions.

Basic knowledge and understanding of intellectual property matters and the particular task is obligatory.

Training is carried out according to an individual program that is developed based on the trainee’s wishes.

The training process may be combined with practical courses or seminars.

Upon completion of the training course, a certificate is issued to confirm the individual completed the training program.

The training period ranges from one week to three weeks.

According to individual requests from organizations, small groups of trainees may be formed, up to 6 people in each, to allow their simultaneous training in the art.

The cost of the training course depends on the program and may start from 15000 Russian rubles per participant weekly.

Specialists from outside Saint-Petersburg should take into account that accommodation and meal, as well as the trip to Saint-Petersburg both ways, are not included and should be paid separately.

Because the training program approval and funding, especially in budget institutions, takes time, please, submit your training requests in advance.

Participants are kindly requested to submit their CVs together with their applications.

The decision about providing the training course is made based on the information provided, as well as on possibilities and activity directions of our company.

If necessary, the company may invite you for interviewing by Skype.

Please, be aware, the number of trainees we can accept simultaneously is limited.

Come and see with your eyes. We will be glad to meet you!