Remote events for Russia’s regions


December 16th 2014

In 2014, professionals from Patent-law firm “NEVA-PATENT” arranged multiple educational events related to various aspects of intellectual property legislation, also via Internet.

In October-November, our team took part in educational programs for entrepreneurs and innovators in Yekaterinburg and Perm, led by the New Eurasia Foundation in cooperation with innovators and governmental structures.

Alexey Petrov, Deputy Director General of Patent-law firm “NEVA-PATENT”, read lectures about miscellaneous aspects of a startup’s intellectual property legal protection.

Although our participation in the educational programs in those cities was via the Internet, we got serious positive feedback from our listeners. Multiple questions and the interest to one’s intellectual property results legal protection just prove it.

What is the most important, yet again we had a chance to see remote events via Skype represent a simple and efficient tool for improving public awareness about various aspects of intellectual property legal protection in the innovative environment of Russia.

We are thankful to our partners from the New Eurasia Foundation for cooperation and their great contribution into innovative development and intellectual property aspects clarification in various regions of Russia.

We are also grateful to our partners – the company (Moscow) for providing the opportunity to carry out the remote lecture for Yekaterinburg from the Moscow International Business Center “Moscow City”.

Алексей Петров читает лекцию для предпринимателей и инноваторов Екатеринбурга